The most important tool in oil painting besides paint is of course

oil painting

The oil paint applied usually with bristle brush or badger hair or sable, more flexible. You can also use a flexible spatula, wide blade, called “knife”, or paint with your fingers. For these “traditional” implementation of the work can be done in a few sessions, or take months or even years of work. After drying, the paint varnish, to protect it from dirt and enhance color.

If the practice of oil painting is old, it was not until the 15th century and the Flemish painter Jan Eyck there appears a new technique for allowing easier processing, a color rendering of light and a risk of fullness (chemical weathering of the painted surface causing undesirable dullness) less important.

The most important tool in oil painting besides paint is of course, the brush. It is very important to invest in a good set of brushes for your oil painting as cheap brushes tend to shed bristles when painting. The sable and synthetic sable brushes are the best for oil paintings. The nylon brushes are better for acrylic paints. Oil brushes long for you to paint away from the canvas so practice holding them towards the middle end of the handle. These brushes have to be taken good care of as if not cleaned and stored well, may end up ruined. Clean them with a quality brush cleaner and preserver that is easily got from online stores or in the local art store. Alcohol is also a strong solvent that can be used to clean away a layer of oil paint or oil varnish on the brush.

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