Lace wigs can be of two types

lace wig

Pink lace wigs can also differ in terms of whether they are off the shelf or custom made. The advantage of getting a custom made wig is that you can get a perfect wig that fits your scalp beautifully as it is made to your measurements. Off the shelf or ready made options offer a wide choice from celebrity wigs to wigs in almost every color of your choice.

Lace wigs can be of two types – Full Lace or Lace Front wigs. Full lace use only lace to construct the entire base area. Lace front wigs, on the other hand, use lace to only cover the front area to make the hairline appear more natural. The rest of the base area is made up of other materials so as to make them more durable. One major advantage of full lace wigs is that the wearer can pull it into a high ponytail or up-do. With lace front wigs, however, the wearer can part hair whatever he wants but cannot afford to pull it into a high ponytail. Otherwise, it will become quite obvious that it’s a wig and the very purpose of wearing a lace front wig would be lost.

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