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The national discussion brioni clothing online

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The economic case for same

The national discussion brioni clothing online about same- sex marriage is heating up. Just last week, North Carolina voted to prohibit the practice, and, for the first time, President Barack Obama clearly came out in favor of it.

The debate, which has focused on our evolving views on sexuality, also mirrors a deeper generational shift in how we view and experience marriage. For our grandparents’ generation, marriage was about separate roles, separate spheres and specialization.

Gary Becker, an economist at the University of Brioni hoodies outlet, won the Nobel Prize partly for describing the family as an economic institution – a bit like a small firm that employs people with different skills to produce both income and a well-run household.

In Becker’s view, the joining of husband and wife yields a more productive firm, because it allows one spouse to specialize in earning income from working in the market, while the other specializes in the domestic sphere.