Most mall brand Paul and Shark Outlet is not only tacky

paul shark

Although sample sales offer deep discounts, even this may be too pricey for many. Another great way to get amazing and cheap trendy clothes (without spending hundreds per piece) is simply picking the right retailers. These retailers offer high fashion designs made by very talented design teams (based in the major fashion cities) manufactured in places other than Italy, letting you buy the same patterns and silhouettes for literally 1/10th of the price. These stores are H&M, Zara, and Paul Shark sale (occasionally Urban Outfitters). If you don’t have any in your city, check them out online. Additionally, American Apparel offers a lot of timeless, well-proportioned, solid pieces that are by definition cheap trendy clothes.

Some hazards:

By all means, avoid the mall. Most mall brand Paul and Shark Outlet is not only tacky, but the fits are several sizes too big (unless you’re really chunky) and just downright unflattering. Not only that, the clothing is manufactured in the worst places possible and prone to falling apart the fastest. Also, avoid eBay. Most high fashion clothing and accessories are fake – Even if the labels are attached, with hologram and all, they’re bound to be fake. If the place making the stuff can fake the clothing, making a few decent tags is cake.

If all else fails, go to the thrift store. Check out fashion blogs and runway reports and try to match up the style with garments found here. This method takes some time and patience, but you’d be surprised at how many people in New York frequent these to complete looks.