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Paul Shark Online Shop was a widely acclaimed performer

paul shark

Blues Organist

From the early 1960s, when he scored his first hit with an instrumental version of Ray Charles’s “I’ve Got a Woman,” Mr. McGriff Paul Shark Online Shop was a widely acclaimed performer who unabashedly called himself “the king of the blues organists.”

Part of a long tradition of jazz organists from Philadelphia, he went on to earn worldwide fame for his distinctively earthy sound on the Hammond B-3 organ and for his ability to send listeners racing to the dance floor.

As a child, Mr. McGriff began to play the organ in church, but he tried several other instruments and lines of work before settling on the organ in his early 20s. By then, Philadelphia had become renowned as a hotbed of organ talent, with such masters as Jimmy Smith, Shirley Scott and Richard “Groove” Holmes.

After hearing Paul Shark poloshirt Holmes play at his sister’s wedding, Mr. McGriff sought his advice and spent six months mastering the unwieldy Hammond B-3, which has two banks of keyboards and dozens of pull-out stops as well as pumps and pedals for the feet.

By 1960, Mr. McGriff was working in local combos, and two years later his performance of “I’ve Got a Woman” reached No. 5 on Billboard’s R chart. He followed it with other top-selling albums, including “Blues for Mister Jimmy” (1965) “A Bag Full of Soul” (1966), “A Bag Full of Blues” (1967), “The Worm” (1968) and two recordings with members of the Count Basie Orchestra.

Mr. McGriff was a conservatory-trained musician who never lost the common touch. As he peered through his glasses at the audience, he would smile and turn up the heat of his bluesy music.